Monday, February 16, 2009

Better than digging a ditch...

Monday - February 16, 2009.

Clearly, it's been one month since my last addition to the I've been so terribly busy that I mentally placed it one some shelve with the words "and I'll get back to you in just a bit" and then proceeded to forget it completely as I weaved in and out of the many "projects" (as I like to refer to them).

At the theatre, where I am the Associate Director, there is a never ending list of "to do" items that each demand certain amounts of attention and expertise. There are always press releases to be formulated and then submitted, online portals for posting of events to be completed, contracts to review and document, emails and phone calls to be made or returned, and much more. It keeps one on one's toes so to speak.

On Valentine's day, we had a soft "opening" of the Celebration Studios. Overall, for an unofficial event, I think it went well. Most of the artists were in attendance, and they were well received by the public who dropped by in general. There are a few loose ends that need tightening up, all of which should evolve on their own however.

As a group, with I as ringmaster so to speak, decided to go forward with the soft opening in order to coincide with the "Love Letters" performance at the theatre. Hugo, during his pre show introduction, spoke about the studios with the suggestion that the crowd drop in during intermission. It worked well. Well enough that I have a better idea of what went well, what didn't, and what more needs to be done.

Also since my last visit, was my acceptance as the Secretary and Marketing and Advertising Director of the Delaware Charitable Music, Inc. We' re a non-profit working to "honor and promote jazz and blues, the two original American music forms, and to educate and support young area musicians and allow them to interact with some of the world's finest performers in a professional concert atmosphere."

Pretty cool, huh? There is the logo that I designed for our big event in March at Dover Downs - The First State BluesFest featuring Dana Fuchs and Sonny Rhodes. Much more can be read about the BluesFest on our web site ( which I designed as well) at

Overall, I'm pleased that the reason that I've not been able to drop by here for the last month is due to my being busy with creative projects and not because of some other occurrence much less inspiring. All of the projects that I am involved with currently involve tremendous amounts of work and dedication, most of which I am either under compensated for or not compensated at all. But, I am working in the arts, and as an artist, I appreciate that. Besides, the networking is great and with each new thread I form in the web, the stronger it becomes.

Besides, as my dear departed mother was oft to say, "It's better than digging a ditch".

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