Monday, September 03, 2007

Thus ends the holiday weeekend

Ah...the end of another Labor Day weekend as the sun rises on Tuesday morning. We spent the weekend entertaining one of our dearest friends (whom we affectionately call "doll-lips " most of the time - though the debate as to who first created the nickname - George or myself - rages on.) I will refer to her here as DL. Dl brought her new beau with her to the beach for George and I to meet for the first time. We all hit it off easily and had a great time.

Of course, we spent the weekend overindulging in food and drink - but we had a blast doing it. The weather was pristine (and it still is). This works out well for my ride back to NJ in a couple of hours. I'll hit the ground running there as I have one of my dearest friends coming to visit on Thursday morning for a long weekend and I have much to do between now and then. Amazingly, he and I have been friends for over 35 years. His wonderful and beautiful mother died earlier this year. She and I were close and he is brining a portion of her ashes for us to sprinkle into the ocean together.

I finally was able to watch "Pan's Labyrinth" last night with George and was mesmerized. In fact, it ended up being a weekend of "finally was able tos" or close to it, for myself. We were "finally able to" meet DL's new beau. I was finally able to finish reading the biography of Katherine Hepburn that I purchased and wrote about here almost a year ago ( you should read the book only if you are interested in the deconstruction and demythification of the classic Hepburn story). I took a bike ride with George and finally made it to the top of the great dune ( not having done so before not because of the ride but because we had never taken that route) where there is a spectacular view of the ocean. It's the largest and highest dune between Cape Cod and Lake Hatteras.

( you can see it here to the left in this wee photo)

I also waxed my car Monday afternoon. I enjoyed the process and it occurred to me while I was doing it that I haven't waxed a car for about 20 something years. I always find it worth pondering when thoughts like that arise. You're doing something benign like helping your brother to wax your father's car in the summer of 1983 and you forget about it until the next time you find yourself engaged in that action and it's 24 years later. It's a different time and place true, and space for that matter - but you're mentally brought back in time briefly. It's as if you have one foot in the past and one in the present. Fascinating.

By the way - Pan's Labyrinth is truly an amazing and beautiful film.

Now - I'm still waking up so I'm moving back to my coffee. More later.

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Pan's Labyrinth is awesome!