Monday, July 25, 2005

Studio Day.....

It's a heap big studio day for me. SO, I thought that I would post a few recent lomos to keep my hat in the blog ring.

Hip shot of a vanadlized statue behind bars outside of an old Italian cafe in Philadelphia.

The smallest street (or so I've been told) in Philadelphia

A sadly empty playground in the Center City area of Philadelphia

A very cool full moon shot

I took this photo last Summer as a huge storm came rolling in. Notice the odd giant green inflatable beach ball that found it's way into the cornfield after escaping from the sticky hands of some squealing child. I wish I had been able to film how wonderfully surreal it was with electric blue lightening crackling and deafening thunder clapping to watch this ball gently roll in from nowhere and then glide with the wind across the cornfield only to disappear into the darkness of the oncoming storm. It was magical.

Same storm - you can see how quickly and unexpectedly it came from the patch of blue sky and billow clouds underneath

I decided to focus on one current events subject of interest and draw one card for clarity from my Tarot deck. The subject I foucsed on was the current situation in London after the recent bombings and the unfortunate shooting death of the innocent Brazilian man thought to be connected to the events. The card that I pulled was the 7 of Coins

This is a card of assessment during a time of high energy or rush activity. This is certainly appropriate based upon news accounts. It seems that, while guarded, Londoners are reaccessing the situation and the bombings as well as the shooting. It could be a call to formulate a less chaotic repsonse. In any case, it is also a suggestion that more of the "rush activity" lies ahead and that it would be prudent to learn now from what has happened before and plan accordingly before the next situation unfolds in the future.

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anessa said...

Those photos are beautiful.....
I love the story about the green ball dancing in the breeze.